Why Social Media Marketing Can Just As Important!

Social Media Matters

Is social media the only way to market your company these days or is it alright to keep going the way you always have been? You might have been marketing yourself in magazines, online or even on social media before, but have you done it with true knowledge and passion? Individuals online these days tend to have bigger requirements and more knowledge of products, services and reviews than ever before.

We have social media to thank for this, but it also means it is harder to get by without marketing yourself on a social media platform. Yes, your company will be fine without social media but without a doubt better with it.

Why? Well, seeing that most people are active on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it is more than likely where they research their next product or service. If you want a shot in building a strong network and clientele, social media marketing is for you.

What does Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and similar social media platforms have in common? They provide quick, efficient information with the help of word of mouth (although online) as well as direct contact with your clients in a world where talking on the phone has become less desirable.

If you have considered taking part of the social media community you are one step ahead of the game already, and that is a great place to start. We are in no way saying marketing cannot be done on TV, in magazines or online the way you always have been marketing your company, we are just letting you know about the many benefits of social media marketing.

By creating a Facebook-page or Twitter account your company will be climbing up the marketing ladder. Take place among the companies that are seen and heard most. Because if you play your cards right, you can build amazing contact with your customers on these platforms and build a company which people turn to first, thanks to your presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media is giving you the opportunity to give personal service that is easily accessible and quick which is what is most preferred in our society these days.

Remember when I asked if you have been marketing yourself with passion before? This is where Facebook or Twitter come in handy, it often shows the company´s true colors. If a client is looking for a company that is not on social media, the client will most likely turn to a company where he can read great reviews about their products. Or the client will search for a page where people are sharing their personal experience about the product on the company´s Instagram page. When they find what they are looking for, a Facebook page makes it easy to share a quality product with a friend or ten.

If your company does not have Facebook or Twitter, you are most likely not being talked about or shared in the same way a company with a social media presence is being. We all know sharing is caring, right? Let´s pretend there´s a family in Sweden wanting to visit Brisbane.

By googling ‘visit Brisbane’ the family will be directed to Visit Brisbane on Facebook and can easily look at pictures, read about attractions to visit and get information about upcoming events before they have even landed. Thanks to the Facebook page this family is now informed about a music festival happening during their stay which they can book tickets to before traveling and be sure to not miss out on anything.

This family will most likely share the Facebook-page telling friends and family about the beautiful city and their wonderful experience abroad. Likewise goes for any Facebook page, Twitter page or YouTube-channel. By sharing your information, for free in most cases, and have a great online presence, you are building trust. However, keep in mind that social media marketing is not just a random thing where you post something once in a while. Commitment and passion is key to show a great product, service or company.

If you feel like you do not have the time, knowledge or passion to be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, you always have the option of hiring a social media manager or SEO expert. And don´t worry, you do not have to be on every social media platform there is, you just have to be really good with the one you choose. We promise, you will not regret becoming active on Facebook or Twitter, social media is all about growing, showing and being the best company you can be. Be amazing and let it show!