Why The Right Web Design Is Important!

Why Impressions Matter

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy set of eyes, then you must have noticed you use them nonstop, aside from your nap and sleep time, of course.

The way things look has an important impact on each and every one of us. With most things in our life, visual contact is what we first have and we make countless decisions based on the first impression we get from looking at something.

If We Like What We See, We Proceed

Food can be delicious, but if it looks too weird or if it’s served in a crapy manner, we sure won’t even bother trying it. If the car is all scratched and dented, we won’t look at the interior at all.

It’s the same with human relations (when meeting new people), we normally initiate a conversation based on the looks. It’s been scientifically proven that even babies react more positively to good looking individuals. That is just how we are built and how our eyes and brains work.

A Device’s Display Is There For You To SEE Things

As such, it is completely logical that it will be no different when we first encounter a website. If it doesn’t look good, there is a great chance we will simply close the tab and never visit it again.

That is why the right kind and quality web design is extremely important. Those positive first impressions are the ones that make a difference between a one-time visitor and regular one.

Of course, the functionality of a website is just as important and is also a part of web design. However, if the looks of a site are offputting, the user will most likely never get to experience the functionality of your site anyway.

Do you agree? Just think for a second if this ever happened to you. Did you ever close the site because it looked really bad or non-professional? I sure know, I have.

The Looks Must Be Appropriate

Of course, initially it is important that your site is in order – that the objects are visible, the images are not blurry or pixelated, object are not overlapping, fonts are large enough, etc, Those are the basics. The second and more tricky part is getting the looks that best suits your niche, the looks that your potential audience will like. Not every style works with every niche!

That being said, it is important to go in the right direction. Based on the above information, make sure to always pay enough attention to your web design. And if you are one of those who just can’t tell what looks good and what doesn’t, don’t worry, there are professionals who do.